“Your usher greeted each fan (including me), welcomed them to the game, shook hands, gave hugs, and was a SUPER first touch point for fans in the section.”

-Bill Lavelle, Ephus 21/VenueChek

“It goes a long way with me when clubs and their employees appreciate their patrons. I am not used to carrying on conversations with concessions workers, ticket takers, and other fans, but this was the case at BB&T Ballpark. The Dash clearly go to great pains to hire great people who genuinely appreciate those who come to their games, and this should not go unnoticed.”

-Brian Wilmer, StadiumJourney.com

“I have to say in our nearly twenty years now going to the games I have never seen a person who paid attention to the fans needs any more than a guy named Edwin Price. He watched every person whether it was a ADA person or older person not in the ADA section or a mother with a child or two he would help them any way possible. This guy was nothing short of a real people person. He was on top of things from well before the game started to the end. Same attitude from beginning to end which in that heat was outstanding. This guy deserves a pat on the back so if you would pass this on I would appreciate it. Thanks again for everything.”

Pat and Billy Rohrig, Virginia Tech Football Fans

“I am a professional scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have attended the last four games. I am writing to highly compliment your entire staff. I have been in baseball for over 40 years & your staff & your operation is in the very top 5% I have seen. They (Rhino) provide a lively atmosphere & are so fan friendly. Your vendors, parking attendant & ticket staff are top class in every respect. I wish you & all your employees the very best for continued success. Please compliment your staff on my behalf & on behalf of the Dodgers.”

-John F. Sanders, LA Dodgers Professional Scout

“Usher assisted customer with Handicap seating, going above and beyond to make customer comfortable. Seems so remarkable as this customer has traveled the country following son playing ball and never has been met with as much assistance and feeling of welcome. Much appreciated, job done excellent!”

-Note from Visiting Virginia Tech Parent

“Unsurpassed Customer Service! Two fans came up to me and said this was their first time at BB&T Field and the parking attendant went above and beyond to help them park”

-Rhino Supervisor about a Team Member

BB&T Ballpark was named the top ballpark in High-A baseball for 2016 by Ballpark Digest. “We have been humbled by this honor and, more importantly, the incredible support by our entire fan base. Our organization strives to provide an unforgettable experience at every Dash game, and BB&T Ballpark plays an integral role in this.”

-Geoff Lassiter, Winston Salem Dash Team President

Rhino SES employee Nate Steger was featured in a Winston Salem Journal article published in June 2016 titled “Steger sees the other side of baseball.” Nate is a groundskeeper at BB&T Ballpark and warranted attention for his exemplary efforts at keeping the field in prime shape game after game.

Read the article here