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Rhino Sports & Entertainment Services recruits and retains only the highest quality people for sports and event venues. To achieve that vision, our organization hires appropriate and carefully screened people, gives them the proper training and incentives for success and works closely with them to create a fan experience that rivals – and exceeds – other fan experiences anywhere in the United States.

Rhino achieves its customer service goals by hiring highly qualified employees who consistently reflect high standards of customer service. Each employee of Rhino Sports & Entertainment Services must pass a rigorous set of standards, including those who:

  1. Believe that the customer is the most important person to come to one of our facilities
  2. Treat each customer with courtesy and respect from the moment a customer enters the gates, until the last customer leaves
  3. Treat each and every customer like this is their first experience at one of our facilities; and make their experience a positive one
  4. Make each and every customer that they come in contact with feel welcome and greet them appropriately
  5. Anticipate and take ownership of customer needs; and provide immediate resolution to ensure 100% satisfaction
  6. Listen to our customers with an understanding and caring attitude; and respond promptly, politely and positively to questions and concerns
  7. Assist in maintaining and upholding the first class and professional appearance of our facilities
  8. Identify and move to correct any safety issues that come to their attention
  9. Thank customers whenever they have an opportunity to do so
  10. Always are aware that they represent our organization and those that use our services and will always do so in a professional manner

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Rhino Employment Application, Part 1

Rhino Employment Application, Part 2

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